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  1. tk table

    The proc is defined in hwtk toolkit GUI, not in hypermesh. So it raises error when you run it in hm
  2. measure distance

    Hi You can first search nodes-nodes Then use hwat::utils::GetClosestElement Then measure distance to that element
  3. tk table

    Please show your but.tcl file
  4. measure distance

    Did you try with nodes->elems?
  5. Get node IDs from a list of coordinates

    hm_getclosestnode can get node id from coords
  6. measure distance

    ok simply replace surfs by "nodes" hm_measureshortestdistance nodes 1 .... nodes 2 .... with node 2 is marked by *createmark nodes 1 "by comp id" $your_comp_id
  7. "Skin" results output for solid elements

    SID is element set , I think enter analysis>entity set to create a set of elements you want to export.
  8. kindly search for PLOAD definition in OS: direction of PLOAD is calculated by right-hand rule (mean direction of shell normal) in case you enter a negative value, the direction is inverted with shell normal I guess your shell elems have normals as -Z (red face points to -Z) so -0.2x{0 0 -1} = {0 0 0.2} , hypermesh will output 0.2 to *.fem file. that why deflection is positive. Nothing's wrong!
  9. You don't search it in HV help, do you? if you searched, you found it! menu Help>Altair Help Home > in Hyperview help, open on browser tree Hyperview>Results>Contour Panel or in "search" tab, enter "Z1 layer" to search be not lazy with searching
  10. *createmark nodes PROBLEM for MPC generation

    if there is no "by id only" => means next args are ids, because nodes have no name!
  11. measure distance

    You cannot measure distance to a comp, because comp is a combination of nodes, elems, surfs, lines, points... you have to indicate which primary entity is, example hm_measureshortestdistance nodes .... surfs .... in that, surfs are pre-selected by *createmark surfs 1 "by comp" $the_comp_you_want_to_measure
  12. tk table

    You can use tk table (refer to tk manual https://www.tcl.tk/man/ or hwtk::table (read usage in start>all program>altairhyperworks>tools>HWTK Gui Toolkit)
  13. missing white spaces in grid data in exporting mesh

    Hi , you can try this way - use optistruct profile - set up a temporary loadcase (just to run optistruct) - enter analysis > control cards> ECHO : this will make OS write out GRID, ELEMENT,.. to *.out file - export data to *.fem file - to activate comma delimiter when OS echo, open *.fem file and add line "ECHOON PARSED" below the line "ECHO" - save *.fem file and run OS, then open *.out file to copy data with comma delimiter
  14. What is the property type? and what is beamsection type? do you assign a beamsection ? please send us your model.
  15. Maybe he wants to find coordinate of critical points in bending
  16. Splitting Surfaces with Multiple Nodes Question

    Unfortunately, you have to do it in several times. Try split surf with plane
  17. No no, the utility tab is near by the model tab. Oh if you knew how to copy lines then you should do copy the washer mesh to other holes
  18. You said you use solid186 - 2nd order so in optistruct you have to use chexa20 In hpermesh enter 3d>order change>switch to 2nd For intergration scheme, enter card editor of PSOLID ... but now I want to ask @Prakash that psolid card of OS does not have some fields as psolid card of NASTRAN, so i am not sure what the default intergration scheme in OS is.
  19. Hi, for shell you have to select "layer" About averaging method , it is to unify results when they do not vary smoothy by element boundary. Refer to Hyperview help document
  20. Have you tried using "Add Washer" tool in tab "Utility"?
  21. I saw the displacement results are similar, just stress is different. I think it is because stress is not output at outer position. Enter panel analysis>control cards>GLOBAL OUTPUT REQUEST, slide down to activate "STRESS" and select "LOCATION" as "ALL" Run anaylysis again and open Hyperview>Contour> select stress result and activate "Use corner data" The max stress values are 133 and 143(XX) , I think they are comparable with ansys
  22. use hm_getsurfacenormal nodes $your_selected_nodeid the node must be associated to surface. if the node is not associated, use hm_getsurfacenormalatcoordinate to find intersection points between normal vector and surf, use *nodecreateatplaneintersection and to find mid node of 2 intersected nodes, use *createnodesbetweennodes to find nodes closest to the mid node, use hm_getclosestnode I think it is better to get it by *createmark "on plane" like this: *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Pick a node on cylinder:" set Node1 [hm_getmark nodes 1] if {[hm_entityinfo exist nodes $Node1]} { set SurfId [hm_getentityvalue nodes $Node1 surfaceid 0] if {[hm_entityinfo exist surfs $SurfId]} { *createmark lines 1 "by surface" $SurfId foreach LineId [hm_getmark lines 1] { if {[hm_getlinetype]==2} { lassign [hm_getlinetgstartpoint $LineId] Vx Vy Vz eval *createmark nodes 1 {"on plane"} [expr [hm_nodevalue $Node1]] $Vx $Vy $Vz $Tolerance 1 1 *createmark nodes 2 displayed *markintersection nodes 1 nodes 2 if {[hm_marklength nodes 1]} { *numbersmark nodes 1 1 } *clearmarkall 1; *clearmarkall 2; break } } } }
  23. You can fetch axis vector by surf lines, one of them is parallel to axis If noone is, create parametric lines which will be parallel to axis
  24. Another way: get normal vector at the white node, get 2 intersected points of this with cylynder, get mid point, then get closest nodes to midpoint
  25. Yeh. I do talk that You can get ids by createmark "on plane" Can you fetch axis vector of the cylinder?