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  1. Hi, Please refer to this
  2. Hi You seem to be performing a transient heat transfer. Just have a look for this tutorial, it guides how to create surrounding variable temperature http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.aspx?ug_altair_optistruct.htm
  3. Hi use *createmark points 1 "by lines" $lineId1 Or hm_getverticesfromedge $lineId1
  4. Hi Maybe, you have to select all nodes by shift+LMB instead of menu nodes>all Could you enter panel analysis>preserved nodes and confirm if some red nodes existing?
  5. Please confirm whether you assigned material to component Click on component browser to view as Udhay guiding
  6. Hi In panel tool>renumber , switch to sub panel "all" I think you did not select the nodes.
  7. Hi You can select nodes within a sphere *createmark nodes 1 "by sphere" -> i dont remember args so please look up reference help.
  8. Hi Try using panel tools>mass calc
  9. Hi Use set surfIDs [ hm_getmark surfs 1] *createmark points 1 "by surface" {*}$surfIDs set PointList [hm_getmark points 1] Or *createmark points 1 "by surface on mark" 1 set PointList [hm_getmark points 1]
  10. Hi You can do like this *createmark elems 1 "by comp name" compA *clearmark nodes 1 for {set i 1} {$i<=10} { incr i} { set nodeID [hm_getclosestnode 0 0 0 1 1] puts "node$i\t$nodeID" *appendmark nodes 1 $nodeID }
  11. Yes surface is not a named hypermesh entity. If you tagged the surf in catia. Maybe the tag will be imported into hm as metadata. Try searching it by: set md [hm_metadata findall] puts [join [lsearch -all -inline -glob $md "surfs $surfID *"] \n]
  12. Hi You can do like this *createmark points 1 "by surface" $surfID set PointList [hm_getmark points 1]
  13. Hi, Suddenly remember I did a such your work when preparing voronoi mesh model for crystal analysis You can use *nodemarkbypath to retrieve nodes on constrained edge like this (in root file squarecantil.inp you keep only 2 constraints at 2 corners): comm.TCL squarecantil.inp
  14. Hi, T is data tree, it's a tk widget. try command: ::autocontact::CreateEntities .autocontactGui.outer_frame.results_tree
  15. Hello Samuel I found that node1~6 are preserved nodes (panel analysis > preserved nodes) so clear these free nodes cantileveroriginal_Fixed.inp I don't know abaqus. You have to search its manual for options to output stress at corners. and in hyperview, remember to tick on "use corner data"
  16. Hi. Interior free edges will be closed to other elems so they can be detected by penetration/proximity checking.
  17. Thanks Samuel Try following google guide https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/472-can-i-run-a-bat-file-with-matlab?requestedDomain=www.mathworks.com Or ask some malab users.
  18. There are some ways to find command bound to a tk button. but you may make hm hanging. So go to scripts folder and parse tcl files is better way I will not reveal them, it is safer for you once you become knowledgeable about tcl, you'll find it easily
  19. Hi Samuel, try this script: set Dir [file dirname [info script]] *feinputpreserveincludefiles *createstringarray 5 "Abaqus " "Standard3D " "LOADCOLS_DISPLAY_SKIP " "SYSTCOLS_DISPLAY_SKIP " \ "CONTACTSURF_DISPLAY_SKIP " *feinputwithdata2 "#abaqus/abaqus" "[file join $Dir inputfileremesh1.inp]" 0 0 0 0 0 1 5 1 0 #starting elem size is 5.0 for {set Size 4.5} {$Size>=0.5} {set Size [expr $Size-0.5]} { *setedgedensitylinkwithaspectratio 0 *elementorder 1 *setusefeatures 3 *createmark elements 1 all *defaultremeshelems 1 $Size 2 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 30 *setusefeatures 0 #export data *createstringarray 2 "HMBOMCOMMENTS_XML" "EXPORTIDS_SKIP" *feoutputwithdata "[file join [hm_info -appinfo SPECIFIEDPATH TEMPLATES_DIR] feoutput abaqus standard.3d]" "[file join $Dir inputfileremesh1_$Size.inp]" 0 0 2 1 2 } destroy . Sample files: (copy this 3 file into a same folder, edit file path in remesh.bat then save and run it) comm.TCL inputfileremesh1.inp remesh.bat
  20. Hi, it is my lazy way to look for wrapping gui commands open a C:/sample.tpl file in hyperview: rename tk_getOpenFile tk_getOpenFile_Old proc tk_getOpenFile args {return C:/sample.tpl} hw::ExecuteMenuItem 188 .guiMainWindow.statusbar.bbox.bapply invoke .guiMainWindow.statusbar.bbox.bcancel invoke rename tk_getOpenFile "" rename tk_getOpenFile_Old tk_getOpenFile
  21. Hi, looking for relevant code in scripts folder and find what you need: #open contact manager source [file join [hm_info -appinfo SPECIFIEDPATH hm_scripts_dir] abaqus Contact_wizard CW.tcl] #open autocontact ::autocontact::CWautocontact::AutoContactGui #invoke selecting components>all *createmark comps 1 all set ::autocontact::CWautocontact1::newElems [hm_getmark comps 1] ::AbaqusCW::HighLight off if {$::autocontact::CWautocontact::flag==1} { set ::autocontact::CWautocontact::flag 0 } if {[llength $::autocontact::CWautocontact1::newElems]} { ::autocontact::CWautocontact1::AddCompsToTable } # set proximity distance set ::autocontact::CWautocontact1::proximity_entry 5.0 # invoke "Find" button ::autocontact::CWautocontact::UpdateInterface
  22. You have to make a loop (example for, while, foreach,...), each cycle changes mesh size, and remesh, and export. If you do not know much about tcl, you can loop in matlab, each cycle change mesh size and exported inp filename in comm.tcl
  23. Hi - open notepad - copy paste this code: "C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\hmopengl.exe" -batchmesher -noconsole -tcl "C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\comm.tcl" - save file as "sample.bat"
  24. He was wrong at 'puts dofl' and 'puts wgh1', the puts command returns nothing
  25. Hi, You can use spring or bush elements to model the phenomena refer to CELAS / CBUSH in optistruct reference guide