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  1. Please show your script codes
  2. Non selected surface

    When a solid existing you cannot delete surfs be cause they belong to the solid
  3. Non selected surface

    F2>delete>solids to delete all solids then you can select the surfaces manually
  4. Of course it is possible. I just tell that script will not be able to work for every model
  5. If the hole is not cylindrical, you have to know its mathematical formulation, othewise it is impossible applied for every model I can do it base on shape of model but it cost much time
  6. Units

    It depends on your model units like mm, ton, second then pressure is MPa and soundpower is N.mm/s = mW Refer
  7. It should be: *createmarkpanel line 1 "Please select the Line on the SAME component"; set line1 [hm_getmark line 1] set compId [hm_getentityvalue lines $line1 "collector.id" 0] hm_usermessage $compId
  8. Hi this api function can do it Refer to it in hm reference help http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/20966-selecting-co-linear-nodes/&tab=comments#comment-47901
  9. Try set ElemList {} *createnode $x1 $y1 $z1 *createnode $x2 $y2 $z2 *createlist nodes 1 -1 -2 *createelement 2 1 1 1 lappend ElemList [hm_latestentityid elems] #.... => repeat with other x, y, z coordinates eval *createmark elems 1 $ElemList *equivalence elems 1 0.1 1 0 0 eval *createmark elems 1 $ElemList *configedit 1 bar2
  10. You don't think that, but yet actually it still works
  11. Hi suggestion for you: - find free edge - isolate only ^edges - find edge element by initial node - find attached edge elements - find nodes attached to those elements => hole nodes
  12. SPCD displacements

    This template may help (run by command *usercheck spcd.tpl spcdout.csv 0) file spcd.tpl: *loads(3,2,"SPCD") *format() *string("SPCD,") *field(integer,collector.id,0) *string(",") *field(integer,location.id,0) *if([comp1!=-999999.0]) *string(",1,") *field(real,comp1,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp2!=-999999.0]) *string(",2,") *field(real,comp2,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp3!=-999999.0]) *string(",3,") *field(real,comp3,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp4!=-999999.0]) *string(",4,") *field(real,comp4,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp5!=-999999.0]) *string(",5,") *field(real,comp5,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp6!=-999999.0]) *string(",6,") *field(real,comp6,8) *end() *endif() *output()
  13. Bearing carrier, only constrain axial movement

    I think Prakash wants to say : - enter 1d>rigids - select "multiple nodes" for "dependent" - select "calculate node" for "independent" - select nodes in hole and let all dof1-dof6 checkbox ON => create - enter analysis>constraint> create an spc at the independent node with dof6 checkbox OFF and others dofs ON do not check OFF dof6 in rigid panel
  14. Hi Example panel project: set ItemNo [hm_getitemnumber project "to surface"] set RbtnNo [hm_getradiobutton project $ItemNo] Now activate "to surface" subpanel: hm_setradiobutton project $RbtnNo $ItemNo
  15. If distribution is equal then it's better to do it by pressure load
  16. Error message Optistruct

    Hi In hm enter panel F10>3D Check "tet collapse" 0.05 then fix the failed tetra
  17. *Createarray

    Hi Use eval eval *createarray $n $mlist Or *createarray $n {*}$mlist
  18. Error

    Please contact activestate.com to purchase it.
  19. Please simply change the option from "4" to "10" (0b1010) You have to createmark surfs 1 1-6 And createmark nodes 2 1-15 Then surfacemark_dup... 1 2 0b1010 And hmgetmark surfs 1 and 2
  20. Find nodes on line

    I think there is no such command Tr associating nodes to the line then you can createmark nodes "by lines"
  21. Do you need to ask such academic knowledge here? these may help (ask google): https://www.colorado.edu/engineering/CAS/courses.d/AFEM.d/AFEM.Ch09.d/AFEM.Ch09.pdf https://www.colorado.edu/engineering/CAS/courses.d/AFEM.d/AFEM.Ch10.d/AFEM.Ch10.pdf
  22. Error

    I can debug your code. But I have to see it first. It has higher syntax codes or string operants, tcl pro 1.4 will crash due to them. Using activestate dev kit you can compile without crash, but it is commercial kit
  23. Dear all, I have one element (quad) I check its aspect ratio by F10 panel is ~3.4 but when I check by quality index, it is ~4.2 What is wrong? (settings: minsize => shortest edges, aspect => ideas) Please help, if it is hm bug, was it fixed in HM2017? the element: aspect_calc.fem