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  1. Wow, it's very difficult to debug by this way. I usually debug by: - run tcl directly - read any error raised, it will show the error comes from which command, cause of error, and how the code should be - position the command, then fix it as bgerror handle advised never ever use other debugger.
  2. Spring connection between two componentes

    Hi, create face elems of the two comps, then use 1d>linear 1d to create "spring" between 2 contact sides switch spring to cbush and apply CID as you need example: cbush.hm
  3. I want to apply four displacement boundary condition to the attached model in hypermesh. Please, help me out or explain how I can achieve it:

    x_disp = x displacement

    y_disp = y displacement

    x_coord = x coordinate

    y_coord = y coordinate

    1. (x_coord = 100, y_coord = 35), (x_disp = 2.754, y_disp = -2.345)

    2. (x_coord = 100, y_coord = 40), (x_disp = -3.754, y_disp = -1.345)

    3. (x_coord = 15.3, y_coord = 100), (x_disp = 1.34, y_disp = 2.345)

    4. (x_coord = 15.3, y_coord = 13.4), (x_disp = 2.34, y_disp = 1.345)

    Thank you. 

    How can we apply x and y displacement boundary condition to.... Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/post/How_can_we_apply_x_and_y_displacement_boundary_condition_to_some_location_in_a_model_in_hypermesh [accessed Aug 14, 2017].




  4. I mean the command you are looking for is "source $that_file.tcl" For detail commands, => open that file too see
  5. CBAR 800 has invalid orientation vector

    Hi Try update orient of that cbar section by a node not colinear with cbar
  6. I think you can output it by optistruct. Looking for relevant keyword in optistruct reference. Or ask in optistruct forum
  7. Hi Click "edit legend", check on Header, Footer at Save option and "save" Then each time you just need to source that file
  8. optimization

    I think you can. Just let optistruct output nodal displacement then you can read that value to process. After that you can modify parameter in fem file or use tcl to modify model in hm
  9. optimization

    Hi I am sorry. I don't know how to do How linking do you need? I did not ever use hypermath. I think hypermath cannot access hm database
  10. Ok. Please refer to Http://wiki.tcl.tk/11196
  11. optimization

    Hi Mohammad I am not sure optistruct can invoke user defined hypermath function for its optimizing work or not. If it can, you shoud try searching it in optistruct manual. Hoping someone has known about this...
  12. Hi,

    Sorry i write in here, but i wrote my question in optistruc 4 days a go and i didn`t get answer.


    I found that you have experience in this topic.


    would check this.






  13. I think the path is shortest, if two nodes are on free edges, path follows free edges if it is possible
  14. Tetra meshing

    thanks Rahul actually I want to post a similar image but i was so lazy to go to hot room and open computer, instead i lay in cool room and use gift phone to answer him. Is there any tiny hypermesh version that i can install on android?
  15. control structure

    I can write a code that helps to select such mid nodes. But I think if you describe detailly your script aim, I can give another strategy that doesn't need to select mid nodes, shorter and faster,...