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  1. Hi Mr Q.Nguyen I have a doubt about above method although some documents also record that it may give more accurate result (altair's document said that, too). Is it because SAMCEF does not output stress at grid points? Optistruct can output stress at grid points (use card STRESS>LOCATION, or GPSTRESS) and I saw those values is nearer to calculation than shell membrane stress, when i do a simple example HM1.fem HM1.h3d a round section bar, fixed one end and loaded on the other one. - in beam model, stress (XX) is 10.19 (~calculation by c*M/I) - in solid model, stress is 10.22 - in membrane shell, stress is 9.7 maybe, the method should not be applied in linear static analysis?
  2. Vanishing Component

    pentA and hexa will support because i see them in elem type panel
  3. Splitting the elements with a plane

    It's a workaround if you press T and select an orthogonal plane , set it as true view and split element by drawing line horizontal (it's tough to draw it correctly!)
  4. Element selection

    Hi, This post may help
  5. Vanishing Component

    Hi, please change command "*elementorder 2" to "*elementorder 1" because radioss does not support quad8N
  6. How to read *.tbc file

    Hi alpha, I use this soft: https://www.tcl.tk/software/tclpro/eval/1.4.html newer versions are released by active-state this v1.4 cannot compile newer syntax like {*}, expr with eq, ne, in, ni operators,...
  7. Thanks Prakash Is there any specific reason ? I am supprise with this
  8. How to read *.tbc file

    I am sorry because I don't know such a software. But I can debug it to know how it acts. Because it will invoke other tcl commands, by tracing them we may know what's happening. unfortunately, this is a terrible work, with tons of output need to be parsed
  9. Hi all, I am again with this topic because we talked about "corner data" of stress when I perform NLGEOM analysis, select GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST > stress > CORNER but I don't see available corner data by Hyperview. Is there any limited of this output request? this is my *.fem file HM109.fem
  10. in batch file it is \ but in tcl file it is /
  11. hi, a sample windows batch file: "C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\hmopengl.exe" -batchmesher -noconsole -tcl "C:\export_to_fem.tcl" a sample export_to_fem.tcl : *readfile "C:/your_hmfile.hm" *feoutputwithdata "C:/Program Files/Altair/2017/templates/feoutput/optistruct/optistruct" "C:/your_femfile.fem" 1 0 2 1 1 exit
  12. TCL usage

    hi use hm_commandfilestate 0
  13. Offset elements at the corner

    hi try increasing mesh size cannot offset if mesh size is small compared to thickness
  14. hwtk GUI creation

    maybe font is not changable (ttk label), use cmd label instead of hwtk::label
  15. hwtk GUI creation

    hi try option -font {Arial 14}