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  1. Assign "*appendmark elems 1 {by adjacent}" to a shortcut key you want But it will work on 1st panel only. There is no way to select for upper panel marks
  2. Oh, just first generate 5+1.5D washer then generate 1.5D one
  3. Many types of weld can be done by hm connector. Don't you use it instead of writing it your self?
  4. Hey Tinh


    Could you please reply to the forum here!


  5. Find nodes on line

    If your line is straight, you can use *createmark nodes 1 "by cylinder" (search for arguments in hm reference help)
  6. Find nodes on line

    Yes, the command work with topo lines only (not free lines)
  7. temp node must connect to structure (element), use RBE2 or RBE3, ... to connect it
  8. Hi Tinh, I have a doubt regarding PCB board analysis...

    Milling process is carried out in PCB board and then it is kept under temperature near by 200deg C..

    By that time warp occurs in PCB board of nearly 50-70 microns downwards..

    FR4 Material for PCB Board


    Can we do this analysis in Hypermesh to produce the same result in micron level..

  9. infinite displacement - rod/spring

    CROD has no bending stiffness so both ends of it work like pin joints, your model is a mechanism (in .out file shows that compliance is negative or large, it means model is lack of constraint
  10. try using trace command, example trace add execution source enter p_RecordScriptRunning proc ::p_RecordScriptRunning args { set fpt [open Database.db a] puts $fpt $args close $fpt }
  11. you can extract them by set index1 [lsearch $nodelist 353389] set index2 [lsearch $nodelist 352605] set ligne1 [lrange $nodelist $index1 $index2] set index3 [lsearch $nodelist 364500] set index4 [lsearch $nodelist 364593] set ligne2 [lrange $nodelist $index3 $index4]
  12. "for the first post: it is equivalent to: hm_getvalue comps id=$compid dataname=nodes.id" Are them output ordered? As I tested, they are.
  13. From version 2017 please try this command: hm_formnodelistsfrommark Or command: hm_getedgeloops
  14. Import from excel

    Hi, it should be : set csvfile [open "MaterialData Al6063 - Copy.csv" r] because your file name has space