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  1. Hi In panel bar2 click review and click to beam elems to see its syst Or switch 1d representation to detail mode
  2. No, it does not separate node of cbush and quad elem. So you dont need to equivalence them. You can confirm this by panel f10>1d>free nodes => will highlight cbush nodes not equivalenced
  3. Hi This is usage of bwidget scrollable frame http://wiki.tcl.tk/1091
  4. Hi There is no option to scroll a toplevel You have to use text box or canvas widget to do it Another way, use package BWidget which has tk classes to create scrollable frame and toplevel
  5. Hi I think nonlinear buckling is nonlinear geometry loadstep. To find buckling load, increase it step by step, and observe bending stress value which starts to increase once structure reachs critical
  6. I understood. So you want to make zero length cbush, dont you? It cannot be carried out by equivalence panel, because equivalence means replacing nodes that destroyed cbush A simple script can make concident-node cbush
  7. Hi Did you try with optistruct loadstep 'geometric nonlinear'?
  8. Hi Please attach a sample file Or post a screen shot
  9. Hi Can you find any menu command to do it? If there is not, it will consume much time to parse and hook into altair code, since it is no designed to swap master-slaver Try exporting data, and show us text lines about interface definition, we may look for a workaround.
  10. Actually I dont know anything about setting up contact interface. But the error message is so clearly to show us what to do
  11. Hi a simple Tcl script may help you: *createmarkpanel elems 1 "Select 1d (bar2) elements:" *createmark elems 2 "by config" bar2 *markintersection elems 1 elems 2 set ENum [hm_marklength elems 1] if {$ENum} { eval *createarray $ENum [lrepeat $ENum 2] *elementmarksplitwith1D 1 1 $ENum } *clearmark elems 1; *clearmark elems 2
  12. Hi. Try translating node 10045 up a bit.
  13. Hi, If there is any minute element , then you cannot equivalence the free edge try checking F10-2d- length<0.1 then delete minute elems or view "shrink" elems to detect them (menu preferences>graphic> =>shrink)
  14. Hi Confirm length unit of your geometry and reduce mesh size or scale model up
  15. Hi, just paste your drop-down code into altair/14.0/hm/bin/win64/hmcustom.tcl if it is read-only file, create your own hmcustom.tcl file, and make a shortcut to hmopengl.exe and edit it arguments like this: