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    Kimberly, in Eigen Mode analysis you end up with 2 main informations. The frequency on which the part is resonating and the shape of that frequency. For the shape there is no specific max. magnitude after the analysis. For this reason you can normalize it in the EIGRL entry with the parameter NORM. We only need this to get a proper vizualization in post processing. Thus the unit corresponds to the unit of your model. e.g. Model in mm >> scale unit in mm. Regards Juergen
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    George P Johnson

    Type 2 interface

    Hi, Contacts are defined based on the application. For eg, if user is expecting an edge to edge contact Type 11 will be used.Type 2 interface is a tied interface that kinematically connects a set of slave nodes to a master surface.and thus it will not allow relative motion between the parts. If user expects a relative or sliding motion between parts Type 7 interface should be used, which is a multi-usage impact interface, modeling contact between a master surface and a group of slave nodes.
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    George P Johnson

    Type 2 interface

    Hi Pohan, Type 2 interface is a kinematic condition and so it was not listed under contact interface, Type 2 is supported for RADIOSS implicit.
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    Hi Livillyle, Thanks a lot.
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    @mahes Thank you so much. Please, how can I obtain the minimum area bounding box for a geometry in hypermesh?
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    hi, I think u can use Tools>Mass Calc. There by selecting elements you will get area. perimeter geom>Length by selecting lines you will get.
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    Hi @riiily, I've played with your model and got it to mesh: FullyFurnishedBoeing03rayInc.mod.cfx Steps: Copied the original geometry out of the stitched part; Used the "Repair" tools on the primitive objects to change their internal representations and tweak the tolerances Stitched the parts together again with a tolerance of "0.1" I'm not sure why it stopped working between versions. It might just be that there was a library upgrade that affected the way a tolerance influenced the model's validity when you meshed. For now, you should be able to continue working anyway. Kind regards, Andries PS: I used CADFEKO 14.0.432-293039 (x64) from 2016-12-06 FullyFurnishedBoeing03rayInc.mod.cfx
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    Solid mapping

    Here's my mesh: If you can't read HM model 2017.2, try FEM format. HTH, holder_solidmap_fem.zip holder_solidmap.hm
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    Hello Divyanshu, The tutorial files can be found from the below links: Hm: 13 - https://connect.altair.com/CP/download-file.html?aceig=dkdZW6RLp%2FWB9AMqotvkoTxyxyYqAQqQPOWRj40CcrfcrK4vct8mSCAX3Win9tXGXCWi3KyrP2mW ckZMX5VxhtTK0UUU44ulqTN93i9HWF%2BfBJbUycBYO%2BOYgLIob8ovR1hfnwTklYmG Hm 2017 - https://connect.altair.com/CP/download-file.html?aceig=cUJYXqRLp%2FWB9AMqotvkoTxyxyYqAQqQPOWQjIwBcrfcrK4vct8mSCAX3Win9tXGXCWi0qyrP2mW cUVZWYk87d3pwUcz9Ki1vC9vwiUABFydPOeo%2BcFEIumHta8KdNk3FARcnTznqIuABWc%3D I have attached the same. hmath(1).zip hmath.zip
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    control structure

    hi tinh, I have done with code using entity info of node id in element edges. Thanks for the suggestion. thanks, mahes
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    Wow, it's very difficult to debug by this way. I usually debug by: - run tcl directly - read any error raised, it will show the error comes from which command, cause of error, and how the code should be - position the command, then fix it as bgerror handle advised never ever use other debugger.
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    Did you try the utility function , Get entity from group . This will definitely take Face group as input to carryout the operations. In help you have a sample function with sample script on how to use the Get entity from group function. Thanks Siddharth
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    Louis, There are two methods to do this. 1. You can give the edge group as input to mesh control while you are recording the script. That way your script becomes generic. You would only have to create a Edge group which would be later taken as input for your mesh control. 2. You can create Group based mesh specification file, So every time you import a mesh spec it will look for that edge group and in turn the mesh control would be assigned to the entities present in that group. I have attached videos for reference, hope this help. Thanks Siddharth Mesh_Spec_EdgeGroup.mp4 GroupBased_Spec.mp4
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    Hi Louis, Apologies for the delay in replying back to this mail. Currently there is a option in python to get the body ID's and not body names. That should be fixed I will report it to dev team. In case you know the body name which has to be deleted ,you can Delete that body that would in turn be recorded in your script. In case the body which has to be deleted its Body Name changes from model to model. You can parameterize the Body Name, so that every time you have a new Body name you can update your Parameter file that way your script would become generic. Please let me know in case you have any doubts. Thanks Siddharth
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    Hi Louis, With the current implementation , Show_Edges group is hardcoded. User cannot modify the group name.In case you would like to change the group name you would have to execute that step and call the renaming of the group. Which would also be recorded in your script. Please let me know in case you have any other queries. Thanks Siddharth
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    Hello Divyanshu, When you press Run, the script gets executed and output gets printed in the HM command Window.
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    Hi, For plain strain problem this keyword will not work. Please use ./ANIM/ELEM/SIGX, Y, Z ...etc for the stress results in the required directions. The updated engine file and .h3d has been sent.
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    Prakash Pagadala

    Element Quality Check 3D

    Hi Amar, No you don't need skin elements for 2D to 2D connections. You can either do a nodal connectivity or use RBEs Can you share an image? You can also have freeze contact between 2D and 3D mesh.
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    New Feature in HW 2017 – Collision Detection Tool
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    Update Hypermesh Extensions

    Hello everybody I made a new function for Hypermesh to copy mesh among sessions Please announce me if any error. hmcp.zip - "Extract here" package hmcp.zip - copy folder hmcp to <AltairHome>/hm/scripts folder - start Hypermesh, it should shows an icon and provide some information like below: - You can copy elements selected in any current panel: - Once again, this topic is to introduce extensions for Hypermesh. I let updated version of hmdnd (drag and drop function) here tkdnd2.6.zip related post:
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    Checking Elements

    It's solver's specific criteron.
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    Click the icon shown below in the editor.
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    Once you activate this toolbar, you can start writing and running TCL scripts. Toolbar to create and run TCL scripts.