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    Hi, RADIOSS only takes a time function for pressure load, and I don't think we have an option to apply pressure as an equation.
  3. How to mesh a cruved surface without Warpage and Jacobian

    Hello, 1- If you are doing a simple static analysis on the vehicle frame you can go for the different mesh sizes at different places. But if you are doing some other analysis the mesh size should be same no matter if trias are coming. 2- This also depends on what kind of analysis you are doing. If you are doing a very critical analysis and the slightest change will affect the results then those components you need to mesh as accurately as possible but the components which are not so important to your study you can increase the check element quality values in HM and go along with it. Thankyou
  4. SPCF Not working

    Hi, Please use PUNCH or OUTPUT2 format to output SPCF when running transient analysis and use SORT2
  5. Advanced mass scaling

    Hi, This seems fine. You can continue the run as of now.
  6. Element Quality Index Limits?

    Hello, This is how you can delete the settings files. Please refer the below post. Thankyou
  7. Today
  8. Hello Prashant Sir Any solution for the said problem yet?
  9. I see that, too. Maybe it's a bug.
  10. Best way to get rid of unwanted elements

    Yes, first get surface id that the node's laying on: set surf_id [hm_getentityvalue nodes $NodeId surfaceid 0] then get elements on that surface: *createmark elems 1 "by surface" $surf_id set ElemList [hm_getmark elems 1]
  11. How to debug tcl code in Hypermath module

    I also meet this problem in v14 and v2017, the step in, step over, etc buttons are not working for *.tcl scripts, but seems works for *.hm files. I am wondering if this is something I didn't setup correctly or just a bug...?
  12. Thermo structural analysis

    Thank you Prakash It works as you have explained however in HM14. I guess hm 12 is not having these options available. Thank you again
  13. Best way to get rid of unwanted elements

    If I know the id of one node or (surface element ) on the surface, is it possible to select all the surface elements on the side face by tcl script? I checked the command record, it seems hypermesh only returned the elements id(after some algorithms) on the same surface without telling me how. Thanks!
  14. How to link variables with abaqus slover?

    HyperStudy doesn’t support linking two string variables today. We have enhancement request for this feature. As a workaround, We would recommend using output stream redirection as shown the attached example. The example shows how a single tpl file can be used to write multiple other files using only a single. This allows the user to get the same string variable value written into more than one file without using a link in HyperStudy. From the point of view of the HST framework there is only one variable. This process will result in both files written into the same directory. In 14.0 the user may need to use some custom solver scripts to run both of these files. In 2017.2, you could use a combination of model resources and an operator model to avoid a custom script. file3.tpl
  15. Hi Prakash, Thanks for the suggestion. I would definitely run the model with LGDISP once I have the prelim results. I didn't quite get on how the model runs with Freeze definition, because I gave it a shot earlier. Can you please share the model / contact definitions with the sets? Regards, Arun
  16. Model 1D

    What is your property type (PBEAM or PBEAML)? Did you provide stress recovery distance? How's about the displacement? is it zero too?
  17. 1- depends on your analysis type, if you are simulating vehicle crash, you should make mesh size equally 2- if you cannot make ideal model, just expand quality thresholds example warpage up to 10Deg, jacobian down to 0.5 . If you don't know how much quality is good => let hm default values are your choice.
  18. Element Quality Index Limits?

    Try closing HM then delete hmmenu.set and hmsettings.tcl in My Documents then reopen HM
  19. Did you read Reference guide>Hyperworks desktop>Programming with Tcl/Tk>Tcl/Tk Commands>poIContourCtrl Class ?
  20. Did you read Reference guide>Hyperworks desktop>Programming with Tcl/Tk>Tcl/Tk Commands>poIScaleCtrl Class ?
  21. Please start it up and show your codes
  22. Yesterday
  23. Element Quality Index Limits?

    Hi, I have a problem whit "Quality index" there is no a buttoms to edit the mesh. Here is a picture about this. How can I add missing buttoms?
  24. modal analysis of HMSIW slot antenna

    Hi Peter, I am currently recalculating the CMA according to yours settings. I will let you know, when it be done.
  25. Problems with my simulation

    Hello, to everyone i´d like to ask somenthing about a simulation that i´m doing, i have three blocks made of Neodimium BMT_N-52, the situation is this, two blocks are right beside each other, the third block is at 200mm down, what i want to simulate is what happen when the trird block is almost near to the others, about 1mm, because i want to know the atraccion force, because i have to located this blocks of magnets insede of a structure and this structure have to resist the stress without considerable deformation. but i have a problem with this, and i need some help, because i have to run with this because i run out of time, i really appreciate who can give me a hand...i attach the steps that i made in the simulation.... tank you ... Steps.pdf
  26. Hello, I've been trying to improve the quality of mesh for a vehicle frame. I built the FE model and found quiet a lot of quality errors most of which were warpage and Jacobian. I understand the importance of the two criteria. But I'm just not able to bring them down to 0. I've tried reducing the element size of the whole components. I have two questions in the process. 1. Can I keep the element size of the curved surfaces very low (around 0.1mm) while keeping the rest of the components (without any quality problem) somewhere around 2mm ? 2. What can be done to keep the model out of quality errors on the whole ? Because I have around 86 components to deal which will become tedious. Thanks in advance
  27. Hyperstudy - Design Parameters with Boolean Logic

    Hello, The expression builder is only a means to assign values. Variable = expression. It does not allow for multiple line expressions or logic. If you need to use logic, you can embed it inside a registered function. There are tutorials that show how to register functions: 1506 or 1040, for example.
  28. Advanced mass scaling

    NC= 39000 T= 4.0609E-03 DT= 1.0172E-07 ERR= -0.4% DM/M= 3.2024E-06 ? Is it ok for a simulation ?
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