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      Please click here for a short but important announcement   03/26/17

      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 
    • Rahul Ponginan

      ユーザーフォーラムについて   10/22/17

      アルテアエンジニアリングでは、弊社製品や技術について、ユーザー様同士がオンラインで情報交換できる場所を提供しています。 日常業務の中で起こるさまざまな問題の解決や、他ユーザー様との技術交流を図るための場として、お客様の環境に合わせてご活用ください。

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  2. Element Shrink Visualization

    Is Element Shrink visualization feature available in Hyperview?
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  4. Combine Data - Max Value

    How theorically ProMan combines data using the command Combine Data - Max Value? Thank you.
  5. Hollow Profile Extrusion

    Hello, I am trying to run a hollow profile extrusion via HyperXtrude. Unfortunately, I faced problems that can not be solved by using the tutorials. The Tutorial HX-0151 shows an example of one possible way for hollow profile extrusion. But I would like to extrude the hollow profile using a mandrel as shown in the pictures. Is this possible? If so, what did I do wrong? I imported the STEP-Data, connected all adjacent surfaces (boolean solid edit) and then set up the Extrusion Wizard (see pictures below). After clicking on „save & start calculation“ the precalculation ran for a few seconds and then shows green light. Then I clicked on „solve“. Here, the main problem occurred: The solver just had 1 time step to proceed although the maximum time steps were set to 298 with a time increment of 0,1 seconds. Thus, the following simulation on HyperView just showed the first 0,1 second of the whole extrusion process. What’s the point here? Sometimes it’s not even possible to start the calculation: When I finished setting up the Extrusion Wizard and want to „save & start calculation“, it just says „finished writing data files“ but no precalculation starts. What`s the problem here? I hope the topic seems comprehensible, best regards, David Kramer
  6. Maybe Optistruct does an "extrapolation" from integration points?
  7. Energy ERR Radioss v11 vs v12

    Thanks for the quick response. If I change my model over to HW2017 will I still get the same problem?
  8. Please try running this model in latest version 2017.3.2.In my machine, i ran shared stmod file and it runs fine for shape explorer analyze. PFA screenshot for same.You can download latest build from Solidthinking website. http://www.solidthinking.com/DownloadProducts.aspx?category=Download&item=Products
  9. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    Hi Prakash No RBE3 was constrained and solution is solved not the problem!! If this a problem with RBE3 then how i will give spot welds using connectors? Regards
  10. Error in NLSTAT Analysis of Gasket Materials

    Hi @Arul Can you share a screenshot of MGASK material card?
  11. increased mass

    Hi George, thanks for this option. Can one plot TH for mass of individual springs rather than the whole part of springs? I do not find the option for the single spring element
  12. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    @Nachiket Kadu Glad the problem is solved. It maybe because the RBE3 is constrained or some other issue with RBE3
  13. Geo nonlinear (Implicit dynamic)

    karthik, For Implicit static general Newark method is used where Mass and damping are omtted (K*DeltaU= P) but for implicit dynamic an extension of Newark method Alpha-HHT (Huges, Hibler and Taylor) is used. It allows for effective algorithmic damping of high-frequency spurious vibrations.
  14. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    Yes it solved!
  15. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    Hi Prakash Just as a work around i deleted all the spot welds (Beam and RBE3 elements) generated by connectors using ACM method, it seems that, it is solving not completed though but till now i would have got the error. So now question arises, Does error is due to RBE3 if so why? Regards
  16. Hi, I am working on OS-1360: NLSTAT Analysis of Gasket Materials in Contact tutorial. But it is showing Gasket error after running. Find the attached image
  17. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    Hi Prakash No i didnt constrain any RBE3, consider my case as a cantilever beam where i created a point outside the component to give surrounding temprature (SPCD) and (SPC). Apart from this i dint apply any constraints.
  18. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    @Nachiket Kadu Did you constrain the RBE3 by any chance?
  19. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    Hi Prakash Yes there are RBE3 elements in the model used to model bolts using connectors, Is RBE3 causing this error?
  20. Error in Transient Heat Transfer analysis

    Hi, Could you please check the following: 1. The constraints applied on the rigid elements. Please check the dofs. 2. Check if there free 1Ds in your model through the Check elems panel in Tools page. 3. If you have any beam spiders, please change them to RBE2 elements and having a beam element connecting the independent nodes of spider.
  21. Geo nonlinear (Implicit dynamic)

    Hi Prakash, Please go through my question once again. I am clear that NLSTAT ignores inertia and mass effects. whats the difference between Geometric nonlinear implicit static and Nonlinear Quasi-static analysis.
  22. Press Fit Simulation in Optistruct

    Hello, I still cannot find out how to visualize the "contact pressure" in my model (although I have included the contf option in the results), but I'll share my calculation results with you: The model I've created is in inches-psi and the dimensions are taken from the excel used for performing the analytical calculation for an interference fit case. It has been verified with an example from the book that contained that exact calculation. As to the optistruct model the solution is a NL quasi static, with an auto-contact between the two components (surface-to-surface if I am not wrong) created using the respective utility. One note here: the creation of a contact between all the overlapping elements, leads to a .fem file that takes a loooot of time to converge even with my coarse mesh of model elements. The contact group MORIENT flag was set to "OVERLAP" and the NL analysis was submitted to the solver. Results: 1) The solution predicts a displacement (magnitude) of the outer component contact diameter of 0.00132 inches (diametrically = 0.00132 x 2 = 0.00264 inches) which is very close to the 0.0028 interference fit set for the calculation. 2) As said before, I could not have an option for the "contact pressure" so I visualized the results for stress pressure. As seen, the calculated results from the analytical calculation are 5000 psi and 3000 psi for the inner and outer contact surfaces respectively. The FEM solution predicts values of 5673 psi for the inner contact surface and 3515 psi for the outer contact surface. Again, I am not sure if my approach to read the stress, pressures is correct (see previous question). Thank you for your time.
  23. Hi I am trying to analyze effect of surrounding temperature on a component using transient Heat Transfer analysis. While doing so i am getting the below mentioned error. I have attache out file for reference. *** ERROR # 153 *** Exactly zero pivoting encountered during Numerical Factorization; the model may have rigid body mode. Regards Trasient_HT_Flats.out
  24. Constraint type

    Hello, In HyperMesh constraint means that the component's degree of freedom are constrained. It can be assumed as constrained with ground. For bolting you can use "rigids" panel or "connectors" panel in "1D" page. You can aslo refer to this document regarding this https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Student_Guide_251-278.pdf Also please refer to this document regarding connectors https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/HM_1D_Extract.pdf Thank you
  25. Geo nonlinear (Implicit dynamic)

    Hi karthik, Please read my previous reply where it states that NLSTAT ignores inertia and mass effects.
  26. Geo nonlinear (Implicit dynamic)

    Hi Prakash, If Nonlinear Quasi-static analysis considers the Geometric Nonlinearity(LGDISP). whats the difference between the Geometric nonlinear implicit static and Nonlinear Quasi-static analysis ?? Thank you Prakash.
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