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      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 

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  2. @mahes Thank you so much. Please, how can I obtain the minimum area bounding box for a geometry in hypermesh?
  3. Please, how can I obtain the minimum area bounding box for a geometry in hypermesh?
  4. hi, I think u can use Tools>Mass Calc. There by selecting elements you will get area. perimeter geom>Length by selecting lines you will get.
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  6. Please, how can I obtain the area and perimeter of a 2D model in Hypermesh? Thank you.
  7. Error #153 modeling suspension

    Hi, You can try making such ball joint making a spring between two rbe2 elements and then making stiffness high for translation and zero for the rotational directions as per the assigned coordinate systems to spring
  8. Multiphase Problem setup

    Thank you abinash Regards Tutulika
  9. Multiphase Problem setup

    Hello Tutulika The heat pipe application is not feasible in AcuSolve 2017 as we are still in development stage for multi-phase application with phase transfer. However I will tag this request to development team for their understanding and push to the next level. Regards Abinash
  10. Error #153 modeling suspension

    Thank you Prakash. Unfortunately Joints just seem to work with MBS. I sent another example with the same error. The RBE2 Elements transfer no rotations around z, so that they should work like a revolute joint. Could you explain me, why I keep getting the #153 error?
  11. Multiphase Problem setup

    Hello Abinash, I also have one simulation requirement involving multiphase that is from liquid to vapour and reverse. This is used in heat pipes for cooling or say thermal management of PCBs. This is new feature in acusolve2017. I need some tutorials or any case study of the same if available. Regards, Tutulika
  12. ERROR 31016:

    The error message just indicates that the file could not be opened. We can try to help if you provide the command that you used and full console output (stdout). It could be that you are using remote launching, it could be that the file name is too long (I never use names that long) or it could be something else. We need more information in order to help you.
  13. Hi, I am running a frequency response analysis and have come contacts in the model. How can I know whether the contact is working fine like can I get the contact force values for Frequency response analysis or any other output parameter to verify contact functioning.
  14. Engine file not avalaible in Radioss..what to do??

    Hi Ashish, You can create the engine cards from the solver browser (View>Solver Browser, right click in Solver Browser and select required cards).
  15. ERROR 31016:

    hi, i am new in FEKO, may I know what is the problem in my simulation? it shows below; Credentials for rejected connecting to SALESKL2-PC ERROR 31016: Error opening file Power_Loss_Density try 2m distance with single patch at 2.6Ghz_fr_1_ada_1.bof (rc=101 Thank you for your kind help,

    Hi, By defining the reference pressure as Atmospheric pressure or zero pressure you can switch between the gauge and absolute pressure. On coolant inlet side: you are given temperature, pressure and flow rate. In case you are modelling the coolant as incompressible media then you can convert the equivalent flow rate for the pressure and apply the total flow rate at the inlet boundary at given temperature. Coolant outlet bc will depend on the actual flow path of coolant. Regards
  17. Dear Prashanth, I'm working in Valeo India Private Limited.
  18. Contact

    Hi Sandeep, Please contact the Ls Dyna support , as this is solver specific.

    Hi, You can create the engine cards from the solver browser (View>Solver Browser, right click in Solver Browser and select required cards).
  21. Strange Meshing Error with Stitched Surface

    Hi @riiily, I've played with your model and got it to mesh: FullyFurnishedBoeing03rayInc.mod.cfx Steps: Copied the original geometry out of the stitched part; Used the "Repair" tools on the primitive objects to change their internal representations and tweak the tolerances Stitched the parts together again with a tolerance of "0.1" I'm not sure why it stopped working between versions. It might just be that there was a library upgrade that affected the way a tolerance influenced the model's validity when you meshed. For now, you should be able to continue working anyway. Kind regards, Andries PS: I used CADFEKO 14.0.432-293039 (x64) from 2016-12-06 FullyFurnishedBoeing03rayInc.mod.cfx
  23. Contact

    Hello all, Can anyone tell about below contacts (Ls-dyna) function or in which condition it should be used or can provide any doc regarding the same? Single_ surface, Automatic_ general Surface_ to_ surface, Node_ to _surface, Xtra_node Regards, Sandeep P

    Please go through OS-1325: Random Response Analysis of a Flat Plate tutorial in Help Menu which shows postprocessing the PSD results.
  25. eigenvalue

    Hi, The eigenvalues are used to determine the natural frequencies of vibration, and the eigenvectors determine the shapes of these vibrational modes. Please go through the below post which will be helpful for you:
  26. Dear Raman, Can you please mention from which organization you are....? We may have to do a WebEx to understand the problem clearly. Regards Prashanth A.R
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